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Singapore Signs

As part of my travels, I see many odd and interesting signs.  Singapore is the king of the obvious and strange when it comes to signs.

About the Bike section updated

Check out the update I did on the About the Bike page.  I spent way too much time playing in photoshop trying to find a good way to display graphically the changes I made to the bike. Another Thailand update is coming soon.  I really like it here!

The Great Procrastinated Update.. Here I come Thailand!!

Well, to call it great is a bit of an overstatement.. but this is certainly an update.  Why haven’t I been updating the blog?  Did I give up?  No.  Truthfully, I’ve been a little lazy, but it is really because I’ve been having so much fun these last couple of months traveling around the USA, […]

Race Tech visit for suspension upgrade

After the long ride to California to the LA area, I was very happy to be able to pull my bike to the main office of Race Tech on time for my scheduled appointment.  I arrived at 9am and met Erick, the salesman who I was talking to over email.  We went over various suspension […]

The Road to Corona, California

I had 3 days to make it to Corona, California where I am going to meet up with Race Tech and utilize their suspension expertise on my over weighted DRZ. My general plan now is to get up around 8 and eat a light breakfast.  Then ride until 1 or 2 pm and eat a […]

Debugging a DRZ that refuses to start

I don’t believe that I’ve had mechanical problems the first week of the trip.  Though that is why I’m doing this long USA portion– to prove the bike. The fun starts here: Checked to make sure FINEC (you took the MSF class, right?) was all good — Fuel, Ignition, Neutral, Engine, Choke No luck. Drained […]