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Finally on the road! Kansas and Colorado

After months of trip preparation and planning, I take off! No doubt you notice in that picture that the DRZ is in the back of a lovely Mazda pickup truck.  That’s my truck.  I paid $2100 for her and can’t give her up.  So drove to Kansas City and dropped the Mazda at my parents’ […]

Packing Checklist for a Long Distance Motorcycle Trip (Australia & USA)

On my trip to TDF, I spent weeks researching what to bring.   This time it only took me about an hour to get everything together.  The only way you know what to bring and what you will actually use is to have made a big trip yourself.  If you haven’t done that, check out my […]

Happy Trails Hard Luggage Installation for the DRZ

I went back and forth multiple times on deciding which luggage would be right for my trip.  On my test ride to Colorado, I used soft bags.  While I liked them and they had the advantage of being very light and not inclined to break a leg, I continually worried (probably irrationally) about the safety […]

Trail Tech X2 Aftermarket Headlight installation on the DRZ

Trail Tech generously supported my ride by providing me a X2 headlight to install on the DRZ.  The stock headlight doesn’t provide much light and the overall aesthetic makes the bike look dated.  There are a couple of other aftermarket headlight kits for the DRZ, but the X2 was my first choice.  I went with […]


Time for shots.  I forgot how expensive they can get, but based on the variety of places that I’m going, I needed to get quite a few but only got my Hep A/B shot today as they didn’t have records of my other shots.  Unfortunately when my money belt was liberated from me in Guatemala, […]