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The Plan

Plans.. If you’ve talked to me about my trip you know how well plans have worked out for me for this first leg of the trip.  For posterity sake, I’m going to outline a plan. The Plan: Start off in Bangkok, Thailand and head up to Chiang Mai.  From there I’m going to take a […]

Shipping from Bangkok to Amsterdam — Part III/III

Shipping is never easy.  There are always surprises even when you use forwarding services who are supposed to “take care of things” for you.  I arrived in Amsterdam from somewhere to a couple of days before the bike to a week and a couple of days because of the “Thai New Year Celebration” that lasts […]

Shipping from Bangkok to Amsterdam Part II

Oh my! The updates just keep coming. Compared to the confusion from the day before with the crate measurement + payment issues, today went perfectly!  Everyone in the warehouse was happy to see me because of all the free gas I gave them yesterday. The guy who did the measuring and delivered the crate was […]

Back on the blog.. off the bike for now!

Well, it happened again. After a nice flurry of activity my blog was silent for a couple of months. I’m planning on doing a few entries to share a couple of the stories along the way through Laos and Cambodia. To skip way ahead to today, I’m back in Bangkok for the 4th time preparing […]

Status Update and Installing the Aqualine 28 Liter Safari tank for the DRZ

Wow.  It’s already been a couple of weeks since I quit my job and time seems to be flying.  I’m still working on getting my Houston life in order before I can even officially start preparing the bike.  I’m certainly enjoying my time not having to wake up but my days are still just as […]

Which bike?

On advrider, everyone is always which bike is the best to take for some trip.  Yeah, it is a valid question, but to me it doesn’t matter much and people spend way too much time thinking or planning and not enough time taking the trip.  That being said, I spent weeks mulling over the ebike […]