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Shipping from Bangkok to Amsterdam Part II

My DRZ ready for shipping to Amsterdam in Europe

All wrapped up and ready to go. A happy packed DRZ

Oh my! The updates just keep coming.

Compared to the confusion from the day before with the crate measurement + payment issues, today went perfectly!  Everyone in the warehouse was happy to see me because of all the free gas I gave them yesterday.

The guy who did the measuring and delivered the crate was extremely professional and showed up only 30 minutes late. He arrived at the Trans Air Cargo warehouse by the Bangkok airort with a premium quality crate. The thing was a work of art! Unfortunately, we over measured fairly significantly because I did not account for the compression of the suspension. Fortunately the length and width were good.

I didn’t snap a photo before they plastic wrapped the bike, but you can see that to crate the bike I:

  • Removed front wheel
  • Used ratcheted straps to compress the front and rear as well as hold the bike to the base of the pallet.  They had nylon strapping available
  • Put the side panniers on each of the sides of the bike
  • took front wheel and put it on one side of the bike
  • through the middle section where the front wheel used to live, I put my big red top bag
  • riding gear on top of seat
  • Helmet (warehouse folks freaked out when I told them that it cost $450 USD!) bubble wrapped and placed on non-wheel side of bike

Everything fit quite well without a serious game of 3d Tetris.

N&T Packing services at the TAC Warehouse in Bangkok

N&T Packing services at the TAC Warehouse in Bangkok

We're both ready to get out of BKK!

We’re both ready to move on from Thailand!  I love it here but there is more world to see!!

For those shipping their motorcycles and need crating work:

N&T Packing Services Co., LTD

Then if you need some specialist shipping supplies like cold-chain shipping then they can be found online so that you can use the best possible packaging for your products. I highly recommend them!


  1. Samantha Pan says:

    Hi Dave,
    Well done! Waiting forward for your europe trip.

  2. Matt Goulding says:

    I’ll see you here in Europe, buddy. Safe travels.

  3. daveg says:

    Cool. Where you at now?

  4. Ben says:

    Wow! Congrats on taking the next leg of your journey! All that thai you learned will come in useful in Europe and Russia :)


    Careful window shopping in Amsterdam.

  6. Todd2 says:

    Widow shopping LOL errrr….. I mean …I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  7. daveg says:

    Window shopping :)

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