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Laos New Highway Route

Less text, more pictures. The walls are made out of bamboo and on piers and beams made out of hardwood More village life Things were pretty dusty in Laos!! The best all weather dirt road I’ve ever been on

Laos Photos

After riding with John and Kelly for a while, I met back up with Dean in Laos.  Unfortunately, to do this I ended up skipping northern Laos, which is supposed to be the best riding.  Because I wanted to do some remote exploring with Dean, I will have to visit northern Laos on another trip.  […]

Welcome to Laos

I’m going to try to get caught up with some old blog posts.  I’m really just going to show some pictures and share some of the reflections I have now.. Unfortunately a blog is much better if done real time.. but I was too busy to update as I was riding too much.  Usually I […]

Laos mega-mini update

Sorry about lots of text and only a few pictures… but the internet hasn’t been so accessible lately!  On to the post… I’ve never seen a sky as dark as in Laos.  The amazing invisible line that creates borders never ceases to amaze me.  Well, in this case, there is a river, the Mekong.  As […]