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Laos New Highway Route

Less text, more pictures.

Unfortunately, these signs for Unexploded Ordinance are pretty typical for the Laos countryside. The US dropped more than 2 million tons of bombs on Laos.

As things got more remote, it was only VillageLife out there

The walls are made out of bamboo and on piers and beams made out of hardwood
More village life
Things were pretty dusty in Laos!!

Driving through Landslides caused by construction

I'm somehow able to get the bike through without falling

Driving up the newly surfaced dirt road in Eastern Laos

Whenever we'd stop in a village, people would gather around to see what these two huge motos were doing in their town. Always friendly faces

The best all weather dirt road I’ve ever been on

The good road ended and it was switchbacks of sand. This was a section of road that was actively being recut. Unfortunately it wasn't ready when we got there. We stood there and wandered how we were going to get across.

The machine operator noticed us standing there looking confused and changed the grade a bit so it was not as steep so we could ride our bikes up it.

I'm pretty happy to be out of the mess.

After riding for 12 hours on dirt roads, Happy Dirt Dave arrives

Little bike, little ferry

More ferry action

Big Bike, Little Ferry


  1. I didn’t see a crash, but these are probably my favorite pix so far. Is this an old entry or did you go back to Laos? Thought you were in euro.

  2. daveg says:

    Oh.. I have a crash story but was too lazy to post it… If you see the title is changed.. no longer crash :) It is a really messed up and sad story that I just dont feel like writing about. I didn’t crash, but a pickup truck filled with people did in that area with all the road construction.

    I’m in Euro… just getting caught up. I have another couple of posts from Cambodia next

  3. gary says:

    Great pics!

  4. Lorraine Chittock says:

    Great new pics, wow! That looks like FUN/hard work.
    Sorry you had to witness a bad crash… :-(

  5. Michelle Nilles says:

    Fantastic Dave! Looks like so much fun being out there. I’m glad you had a friend to ride with. How long did it take to find a washer for your clothes? Are you still happy you have the 400 instead of a 650?

  6. daveg says:

    Yeah, super happy I went with the 400. No regrets at all. It goes anywhere. Even now in Europe it isn’t so bad because the speed limits (except for autobahn) are so slow. Switzerland’s top speed on non-autobahn is 49 mph!!!!

    I washed my riding gear in the Mekong. I was tired of getting extremely dirty just putting on my riding gear.

  7. Sad to hear about the crash, but being on the road it comes with the territory…just ask my dad. I feel like I’ve been to Laos after seeing these pix, so thank u for posting them :) For some reason I’ve always wanted to see that little country.

  8. daveg says:

    Crystal… I know the reason. The same reason why I was excited to cross the border and be surrounded by Laotians– Kahn Souphanousinphone!

  9. Marc says:

    Hey Dave, just found your page. I live in Austin, lived in Houston for about five years. Been in Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Colombia last seven months or so…more hanging than anything. Anyway, back in town and buying a Suzuki DR650 and going to begin an adventure of my own…probably travel the States for three or four months to familiarize myself with the bike and riding in general as I am relatively new…then back out where the real fun is in SA and the Far East and Beyond. Just wanted to wish you luck and good to see another Texan out there making it real. Good Luck – Marc

  10. Scott says:

    Dave where are you no new posts? I hope everything is allright.

  11. daveg says:

    yeah, I’m obviously way behind on the blog. My plan was to get caught up but time keeps going. Maybe this week! The short summary is from Laos I went to Cambodia.. then Cambodia back to Thailand… Shipped from Thailand to Amsterdam. I then drove from Amsterdam to Spain and my bike is parked there. I had some visa problems and I’m going to return soon! Thanks for the comment!

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