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Posts from ‘February, 2011’

Laos mega-mini update

Sorry about lots of text and only a few pictures… but the internet hasn’t been so accessible lately!  On to the post… I’ve never seen a sky as dark as in Laos.  The amazing invisible line that creates borders never ceases to amaze me.  Well, in this case, there is a river, the Mekong.  As […]

To Laos!

The end of an era is soon.  I will be leaving my Thailand to check out a new country — Laos.  I don’t know much about it, I haven’t even opened up my Lonely Planet to Laos. Today’s ride was pretty fatiguing.  It was 330km of asfalt and a tiny bit of dirt while trying […]

Nan to Khon Kaen

The roads just seem to keep getting better and better.  Today John, Kelly, and I  did a 300 km ride.  I met them in Bangkok before I got the bike and for the longest time, they just figured I was pretending that I was a motorcycle traveler. I’m pretty lazy tonight.. so here’s the summary […]

Does a DRZ with a 27 liter Safari Tank float?

Thailand is a different place — once you’re out of Bangkok there is no traffic, no hurry, and no problems.  I approached Thailand like I approached (rightfully, IMO) Latin America with great caution.  I always keep my eyes on everyone and my hands over my pockets.  In my hotel room, I lock up my laptop.  […]