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Posts from ‘August, 2010’

Race Tech visit for suspension upgrade

After the long ride to California to the LA area, I was very happy to be able to pull my bike to the main office of Race Tech on time for my scheduled appointment.  I arrived at 9am and met Erick, the salesman who I was talking to over email.  We went over various suspension […]

The Road to Corona, California

I had 3 days to make it to Corona, California where I am going to meet up with Race Tech and utilize their suspension expertise on my over weighted DRZ. My general plan now is to get up around 8 and eat a light breakfast.  Then ride until 1 or 2 pm and eat a […]

Debugging a DRZ that refuses to start

I don’t believe that I’ve had mechanical problems the first week of the trip.  Though that is why I’m doing this long USA portion– to prove the bike. The fun starts here: Checked to make sure FINEC (you took the MSF class, right?) was all good — Fuel, Ignition, Neutral, Engine, Choke No luck. Drained […]

Finally on the road! Kansas and Colorado

After months of trip preparation and planning, I take off! No doubt you notice in that picture that the DRZ is in the back of a lovely Mazda pickup truck. That’s my truck.  I paid $2100 for her and can’t give her up. So drove to Kansas City and dropped the Mazda at my parents’ […]

Packing Checklist for a Long Distance Motorcycle Trip (Australia & USA)

On my trip to TDF, I spent weeks researching what to bring.   This time it only took me about an hour to get everything together.  The only way you know what to bring and what you will actually use is to have made a big trip yourself.  If you haven’t done that, check out my […]