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Posts from ‘November, 2010’

About the Bike section updated

Check out the update I did on the About the Bike page.  I spent way too much time playing in photoshop trying to find a good way to display graphically the changes I made to the bike. Another Thailand update is coming soon.  I really like it here!

Thailand!!!!!!!! !

Finally!  I’m in THAILAND!!  I so happy in Thailand be in South East Asia.  This is the first time I’ve ever been to anywhere in Asia and let me tell you, things were clear immediately that I wasn’t in the USA anymore. Here’s the cliche Japanese Toilet Photo.  It was one of the most luxurious […]

French Toast in Kansas City and brewing the RTW IPA in Chicago

Back when I first moved to Houston, I was on a quest to find the perfect french toast after finding the nearly perfect Austin Java Co‘s version.  I tried probably 10 different places over a period of a couple of months and basically gave up on the quest.  Upon trying my Mom’s “lost bread” in […]

Daveg – Certified Barbecue Judge

After shipping the bike from the Seattle area port of Tacoma, I’ve returned to visit my family in Missouri.  I’m going to do a post about shipping the bike and what not to do once I get everything ironed out.  It’s been a huge PITA, maybe someone can learn from it. My brother Aubrey, his […]

Alaskan Tender Boat visit in Bellingham, WA

Back in Antigua, Guatemala when I was on my last trip, upon parting with Nate and Lindsey I told them that I’d come visit them one day… 2 years later I show up in rainy Bellingham, Washington.  Bellingham is near the Canadian border and is a very progressive college town.  Well, not too progressive but […]

Seattle, Mountians, and Californian Airshows

After one of my worst rides of my life, I finally make it to my USA destination — Seattle or more specifically, Kirkland.  That’s right, Kirkland the home of Costco’s Kirkland Signature line of … everything. I stayed at my good friends Tim and Elsa in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland.  I’ve known Tim since […]