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Posts from ‘December, 2011’

Back in Chaing Mai

Well I’ve made it back to Chaing Mai and am staying at Riders Corner. Im trying to keep a low profile and spend most of my days and nights working. The sooner I finish up my current work project, the sooner i will go to China. The view from my room.

The Plan

Plans.. If you’ve talked to me about my trip you know how well plans have worked out for me for this first leg of the trip.  For posterity sake, I’m going to outline a plan. The Plan: Start off in Bangkok, Thailand and head up to Chiang Mai.  From there I’m going to take a […]

The trip resumes!

I know that you think that I abandoned the blog. Well, you’re sorta right. I’m going to try to start again. Sadly I’ll probably never get to my stories from Europe, but I’m going to give it a go to capture and share future stories. If you plan on going on a road trip, you should […]