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During my travels I’ve met many great people and had help from several companies:


Happy Trails provided hard luggage.

Race Tech provided labor and a significant discount for my suspension upgrade.

Trail Tech provided the X2 headlight and Vapor computer.


Stickergiant helped me when I erroneously shipped an order of stickers to my past address in Houston.  They went well beyond typical customer service and shipped replacements to me in time for my flight to Thailand!!  Yay!!!!  Let Asia be covered with my stickers.

Wolfman Luggage set me up with a good deal on my tank panniers, even though they’re yellow I still like them.

JustGasTanks.com helped me out with a discount for my giant 27 liter gas tank.

Highway Dirt Bikes went above and beyond normally supporting a product as they shipped me multiple top bar clamps as I couldn’t figure out how to measure it correctly.

Pit Posse.com helped me out with a discount on a stainless steel oil filter.

DAL Portfolio Management for their financial contributions.