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Posts from ‘January, 2011’

Tiger Kingdom and leaving Chiang Mai

I’ve been very busy in Chiang Mai.  The first couple of days I worked on the bike followed by then working a paid job to develop a website for a restaurant/hotel.  I’ll post the link and details up later once the site goes live.  I think the site came out well and if anyone is […]

Bike work in Chiang Mai!

Bike work!  I’m at a very happy point with my bike.  There is nothing that I can think of that needs fixing or maintenance.  In the last couple of days I’ve installed a new and loud horn, a voltmeter, fixed my heated grips, and put a piece of rubber where my tank was rubbing on […]

Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai

It was an easy ride to Chiang Mai.  We planned for a big day and started 3-4 hours earlier than we’ve started previous days — 7:30.  Yeah, well, I’m not much for early AMs now that I’m not working.  Anyway, it ended up being an easy day and we made it to Chiang Mai by […]

Pai to Mae Hong Son

Finally we left Pai.  Today we barely made it out of there by 1 or 2pm after sending a load of things back home.  I picked up a hammock and sent back a collection of maps of Thailand from the 1970s that the former owner of the hostel left behind many years ago.  He ran […]

Wiang Haeng to Pai

Easy day of riding with about 50km of relatively easy offroad.  The original plan was to ride this stretch last night but we managed to find a guest house in Wiang Haeng.   With what seems to be a I had a late night having fun with the locals.   This was the second night in Thailand […]

Chiang Doa to Wiang Haeng

We had a late start because I was fixing some bugs with the new forum that I’ve set up for some local riders here called RideAsia.net. Everything is working great there and you should check it out! Yesterday was an amazing ride. We rode through: five deep and fast flowing river crossings – Walking tracks […]