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Tiger Kingdom and leaving Chiang Mai

I got to play with tigers!! Since it was the daytime and they're .. well.. lazy cats.. they were usually sleeping.

I’ve been very busy in Chiang Mai.  The first couple of days I worked on the bike followed by then working a paid job to develop a website for a restaurant/hotel.  I’ll post the link and details up later once the site goes live.  I think the site came out well and if anyone is in Chiang Mai, you should go check it out in person!

I took a little break and visited the Tiger Kingdom.  It was a surreal experience as I got to play with baby and adolescent tigers!  It was truly an amazing experience.

Now I’m on my way to Laos.  I’m traveling with Kelly and John who I met in Bangkok a couple of months ago.  They’re a fun couple from England and Australia.  I can barely understand John, but what I do understand is extremely funny.  Crazy brits and their “English”.


  1. Michelle Nilles says:

    Love it Dave! What a super trip. Those baby tigers are so adorable! And I wish I could share enjoying the Brit’s sense of humor. That’s one of my favorite parts of traveling — meeting such great and interesting people!

  2. Smitty says:

    Hey Dave,

    I have relatives in England and Ireland. I always have problems understanding my English relatives. The Irish is no problem, since I grew up listening to the dialect.

  3. daveg says:

    Hi Michelle!! Hi Smitty!!
    It’s been a great trip so far and it really feels like it is just getting started since I got my bike.

  4. Derrick says:

    How cool you got to play with the tigers!! I hope you got more pics!!

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