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Posts from ‘April, 2011’

Singapore Signs

As part of my travels, I see many odd and interesting signs.  Singapore is the king of the obvious and strange when it comes to signs.

Singapore Dream Revisited

My friends Goh and Samantha stayed at my house while they were on their RTW trip last year. We met in Ushuaia, the tip of South America, during Christmas of 2008. They stayed at my house and my good friends Gary and Heather’s house in Austin while they did some badly needed maintenance on their […]

Shipping from Bangkok to Amsterdam — Part III/III

Shipping is never easy.  There are always surprises even when you use forwarding services who are supposed to “take care of things” for you.  I arrived in Amsterdam from somewhere to a couple of days before the bike to a week and a couple of days because of the “Thai New Year Celebration” that lasts […]

Shipping from Bangkok to Amsterdam Part II

Oh my! The updates just keep coming. Compared to the confusion from the day before with the crate measurement + payment issues, today went perfectly!  Everyone in the warehouse was happy to see me because of all the free gas I gave them yesterday. The guy who did the measuring and delivered the crate was […]

Shipping from Bangkok to Amsterdam Part I

My last shipment from the USA to Bangkok went horribly.  I have notes from it and still need to do a write up.  Mostly so I can show other people who NOT to ship a bike and who not to use. After my last time by going by sea, this time I’m using air freight.  […]