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Wiang Haeng to Pai

Easy day of riding with about 50km of relatively easy offroad.  The original plan was to ride this stretch last night but we managed to find a guest house in Wiang Haeng.   With what seems to be a I had a late night having fun with the locals.   This was the second night in Thailand that I’ve seen the local head of police falling asleep at a bar.
It would have been a horrendously stupid idea as there was a good amount of livestock around as well as a few of the dirt lines would have been much trickier in the dark.  Even though I have a good headlight, it really is a bad idea to ride off road at night.

Pai is an interesting place — it is quite touristy but not exclusively for westerners.  There are tons of Thai tourists wandering the streets snapping photos along side the farang (Westerners).  My guest house is a bit of a dump with no wifi (hence the delay in the post), but it is clean and in a good location.  I went out with a group of French people that Dean met a few weeks ago on Thailand islands and we all had a great time.  Somehow it is nearly 4am as I write this microupdate!

Pai Day Two

I’m really starting to like it here.  I understand why it has a reputation of backpackers visiting and not leaving for a few weeks.  While there really isn’t much “to do”, I’ve been enjoying taking it easy and not having to deal with people trying to sell you suits, massages, or begging for money like in the rest of Thailand’s touristy areas.  It is very nice to not have sex tourists everywhere and the people who cater for them.

Scooter rentals here are cheap!  So there are tons of dangerously mobile tourists that they rent at 100 Baht ($3.20) a day.

Today I pretty laid low and did some bike work– fixed the nozzle on my crappy chain oiler yet again and replaced both the front and rear brake fluid.  The front was already pretty clear but the rear really needed it.

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