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Chiang Doa to Wiang Haeng

Spyshot of DRZ watercrossing with river up to paniers

We had a late start because I was fixing some bugs with the new forum that I’ve set up for some local riders here called RideAsia.net. Everything is working great there and you should check it out!

Yesterday was an amazing ride. We rode through: five deep and fast flowing river crossings – Walking tracks around a village of an indigenous Thai hunting tribe – 5 river crossings with one where we had 8 people walking the bike across a torrent of a river waist deep – bypassed 2 earth movers as the road was being worked on.

All in all, there were about 25km of offroad mountain track where a 1 KM section took over 3 hours.

No riders down. No bikes broken.

It was a good day.

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  1. smeg says:

    Tres awesome.

    what was the other bike(s?) up on the hill?

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