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Back on the blog.. off the bike for now!

Well, it happened again. After a nice flurry of activity my blog was silent for a couple of months. I’m planning on doing a few entries to share a couple of the stories along the way through Laos and Cambodia. To skip way ahead to today, I’m back in Bangkok for the 4th time preparing my bike to ship to the next leg: Amsterdam to Magadan.

Magadan??? What?? Yeah, well, after meeting a few people I’ve since realized that it is unreasonable to ship to Mongolia then drive to Europe now because even though the weather is starting to warm up, the river levels are too high to do the fun routes. I’m going to stop being a contrarian and head the direction that everyone else does: Europe -> Asia. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet up with other riders along the way so I can take more adventurous routes than if I were traveling solo going the other way. I guess I’ll not complete an “Around the world” trip, but hell, that is just a flag planting exercise anyway.

You pay attention in your geography class? If yes, continue.. if no, skip the next paragraph.

My planned route is to ship to Amsterdam then visit Germany, Luxembourg, back to Germany, Switzerland, northern Italy, the south of France, Spain. Then from Spain, take the ferry to England and tour the UK. Take the chunnel (CHUNNEL!!!!!) to France then head through Germany to Poland. Depending on time, head from Poland to either Ukraine if I’m short on time or south towards Turkey around the Med Sea area. In either Bulgaria or Turkey, do a major bike maintenance and sort visas. Then head to Georgia and study russian for a couple of weeks in Tbilisi if I can find a class. Get through or around the Caspian sea to either Turkmenistan or Kazakhstan. Eventually end up in Uzbekistan (Qalaysiz!) to Tajikistan then back up to Kyrgyzstan. Head BACK into Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan!!!!!!) then to Mongolia for middle of July. From Mongolia head to Magadan via the “Old summer road”. Finish up in August or whenever it is too cold to ride by shipping back to Vladivostok then to the USA.

Now that wasn’t too bad, was it?

Where have I been while not updating my blog? Check out my new updated route pic. You’ll also find this on my pannier of my moto.

DRZ 400 Motorcycle Around the World

Here's the updated route for my little DRZ 400 motorcycle traveling around the world. But not really around this time. Just traveling the world.


  1. Michelle Nilles says:

    Holy cow Dave!!! That is quite an adventurous itinerary! After you spending so much time in a few countries, now it seems like they’ll go whizzing by. :)

    I’m really excited to keep reading about your trip! Thanks for the update.

    You’ve got me more interested in doing a RTW trip, and you’ve barely started the RTW part. I still need to head further south than Guatemala for my next trip though :)

    I was just thinking about this last week — it was raining and cold, and I was looking out the window remembering being on the road in GT (in the rain and cold!), and wishing I was back out there. :)


  2. Clive says:

    Make sure you look me up when you get to the UK. The ferry from Spain (Santander/Bilbao) will come into Portsmouth (not a place to stay for any longer than you have to!) which is just 40 miles down the road from me and I can give you some tips on how to survive driving on the left (although you will have picked up a lot in Thailand) dealing with the natives, where to get your bike fettled, a guide of the local hosteleries – English beer is an acquired taste but I am sure we can find you something you like – and where to go/not to go in the UK.
    I can also give you loads of info on your route to Magadan as I went through Turkey, Georgia, the “‘Stans” and Mongolia on route to Vladivostock back in 2009.
    All the best and keep that rubber on the road.

  3. daveg says:

    Yeah, it is crazy to think how much time I’ve spent in Thailand i particular. Atleast I now speak a tinny tiny bit of Thai and am going to bring back thia cooking home. I took two cooking classes and they were really fun.

  4. daveg says:

    Yeah, I sure will look you up. I have your email address from the comments and I think some skype contact too.

  5. Clive says:

    PS I have also got maps of most of that route (including Mongolia!) that will go straight on to your Zumo 550

  6. Tyler says:

    Awesome. I say always do what makes more sense. (route wise). No worries. Safe travels.

  7. aaron ortiz says:

    Road of Bones?

  8. Derrick says:

    Way cool! Glad to see you’re still pluggin’ along!

  9. E Riggers says:

    It would be so cool if you could somehow join forces with the Mongol Rally crew. It sounds like there may be some overlap in your itinerary!



  10. daveg says:

    Do they have a web site?

  11. daveg says:

    Aaron: Yeah, Road of Bones, the “Summer Road” is the old now unmaintained-getting-worse-by-the-day road that is basically abandoned

  12. Romano Simeon says:

    Hi Dave. Cool! – We wish you all the best on your way around the planet. And we hope, that you’ll find the “T”-piece you were looking for in Amriswil (Switzerland) pretty soon. The two “old Harley-Riders” Romano and Jann.

    And if you need any help, just call us in Wittenbach.

  13. daveg says:

    Thanks for checkong out the blog and for the coversation.

    Dg in Amriswil

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