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Thailand – Toilets

I’m still loving Thailand and one of the things I find interesting is the toilet setup.  As my last post mentioned, I was quite amazed by the high tech Japanese toilets.  Thailand goes the complete opposite direction, but I think it is a better and more environmentally friendly direction.

This is the Thai style Squat Toilet with cleaning bucket and no TP. My first time seeing this, I was a bit confused as there is no TP and you would probably have to get yours hands a bit dirty. But really... is using TP any cleaner?

I was at a gas station trying to figure out where to do my business and came upon this sign on the bathroom, but which gender?

Western style Thai bathroom with bum gun is my favorite. All the comforts of sitting with the cleanliness of a shower. The sprayer on the left is like a kitchen sprayer. Surprisingly you don't really get any back spray. Plus, you wash your hands afterwards. It is really amazingly clean. I haven't used toilet paper in a month!

I wonder why they put it in English first

Sometimes it is obvious which toilet I should use

Bike update:  It looks like there was an even further delay for delivery of my bike.  It was pushed to December 30th.  I’m not exactly sure why it happened, but that is the time that the shipping company told me, not my freight forwarder.

I’m going to spend the next few days here in Bangkok then visit Samantha and Goh in Singapore until the 25 Dec.  I met them originally in South America but they then spent a total of about a month at my house in Houston.  I can’t wait to see them again!


  1. Ben says:

    Awesome post, Dave. Looking forward to more toilet stories! Sorry to hear about the bike, pop some wheelies when you get it!

  2. daveg says:

    I swear this is the last time toilets will be mentioned.

  3. Todd2 says:

    Dave, At least your Thai holes were elongated. My first eastern style toilets (in India) were just round holes and a lot harder to hit. LOL. Sounds like you’re enjoying your trip, inspite of the setbacks. Good luck!

    Todd (& Linda)

  4. Vanessa says:

    Elephants are the best! :)

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