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Visit to Trail Tech

I was very fortunate that my route was able to take me through Battleground, WA, which is the home of Trail Tech.  They helped me out before the trip started with a Vapor Road Computer and an X2 Headlight.  Both components have been great and I wanted to do a quick meet-and-greet with them at the factory.  Unfortunately it was pouring down rain so I didn’t get any pictures.

I’d like to take a second to thank Garridan over at Trail Tech for all his help and support.  They’re really stand up guys and have some pretty interesting new technology coming out soon.

Every post must have a pic.  Here’s the pic after riding the worst 6 hour rain storm of my life.

Finally at my friends Elsa and Tim’s parking garage.

The Pacific North West usually doesn’t rain this hard for this long.  It was one of those rides where every few minutes I wanted to pull over and get a hotel to wait it out, but then I’d stop and the rain would subside a little.  It was torture, but I stayed fairly dry considering my exposure time.

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