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Wiang Haeng to Pai

Easy day of riding with about 50km of relatively easy offroad.  The original plan was to ride this stretch last night but we managed to find a guest house in Wiang Haeng.   With what seems to be a I had a late night having fun with the locals.   This was the second night in Thailand […]

Chiang Doa to Wiang Haeng

We had a late start because I was fixing some bugs with the new forum that I’ve set up for some local riders here called RideAsia.net. Everything is working great there and you should check it out! Yesterday was an amazing ride. We rode through: five deep and fast flowing river crossings – Walking tracks […]

New Microupdates – Offroad near Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand

I’m going to try a new style of updating so that I can actually keep the content more fresh.  A typical blog entry takes a few hours to write and put together the pictures.  Now I’m just going to try to put up what I have without taking hours and hours.  I will then post […]

The Motorcycle Arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! #$%#$%@#$!!!!!!

After months of waiting, my motorcycle was delivered to the parking lot of my hotel The Penguin House in Thailand. I’ve been waiting so long.  Words are useless to explain the joy of seeing my motorcycle strapped to the truck arriving to the hotel.  After waiting for so much time infinite terrible scenarios constantly preoccupied […]

Thailand – Photos that worked

I love taking pictures and carry at least one camera with me at all times.  Here are a few of my favorite shots either because they came out well or because they’re showing something that I feel explains my Thai experience. Bike Update: I originally understood that my bike was arriving at the port December […]

Ranong, Thailand

If you’re new to the blog, you can always click the “Start from the beginning — Reverse the posts’ order” link on the sidebar to the left. The first page is even more dull than the rest, but it shows you where I started including the preparation and the USA section of my trip. Ranong […]