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Nan to Khon Kaen

The roads just seem to keep getting better and better.  Today John, Kelly, and I  did a 300 km ride.  I met them in Bangkok before I got the bike and for the longest time, they just figured I was pretending that I was a motorcycle traveler. I’m pretty lazy tonight.. so here’s the summary […]

Does a DRZ with a 27 liter Safari Tank float?

Thailand is a different place — once you’re out of Bangkok there is no traffic, no hurry, and no problems.  I approached Thailand like I approached (rightfully, IMO) Latin America with great caution.  I always keep my eyes on everyone and my hands over my pockets.  In my hotel room, I lock up my laptop.  […]

Tiger Kingdom and leaving Chiang Mai

I’ve been very busy in Chiang Mai.  The first couple of days I worked on the bike followed by then working a paid job to develop a website for a restaurant/hotel.  I’ll post the link and details up later once the site goes live.  I think the site came out well and if anyone is […]

Bike work in Chiang Mai!

Bike work!  I’m at a very happy point with my bike.  There is nothing that I can think of that needs fixing or maintenance.  In the last couple of days I’ve installed a new and loud horn, a voltmeter, fixed my heated grips, and put a piece of rubber where my tank was rubbing on […]

Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai

It was an easy ride to Chiang Mai.  We planned for a big day and started 3-4 hours earlier than we’ve started previous days — 7:30.  Yeah, well, I’m not much for early AMs now that I’m not working.  Anyway, it ended up being an easy day and we made it to Chiang Mai by […]

Pai to Mae Hong Son

Finally we left Pai.  Today we barely made it out of there by 1 or 2pm after sending a load of things back home.  I picked up a hammock and sent back a collection of maps of Thailand from the 1970s that the former owner of the hostel left behind many years ago.  He ran […]